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DelTrack – On-site Registration Service and iPad Application

Sign-in sheets are not only time consuming and inefficient, but also prevent you from engaging more with the people who matter - the attendees at your event. More importantly sign-in sheets can easily be 'tricked' by attendees who choose not to remain in the meeting. This is where DelTrack's on-site registration system comes in, by enhancing your client/delegate relations and streamlining your events. Our fully comprehensive delegate registration software is a system that helps make co-ordinating, and managing your meetings simple, and straightforward. Just the way it should be!

With the on-site registration system from DelTrack, each attendees' name badge will have a unique RFID code, either attached to your usual badging system, or can be provided as a pre-printed plastic card with a built in chip.

On arrival attendees can sign in themselves by simply swiping their pre-supplied name badge at installed iPad registration desks within the venue. Or if their badge and meeting pack is given out on-site, a simple scanning device on the welcome desk immediately signs them into the system. Once scanned the tablet immediately displays the attendees' details on screen for added security.

If required, an additional feature can also show the attendees personalised appointment details, as well as general meeting agendas. Upon authentication, their presence is then confirmed and logged for the event.

Within the meeting space, individual rooms can be monitored to record attendance at any given presentation or demonstration area, once again simplifying the attendance criteria for compliance meetings.

DelTrack's registration system, along with the Event Manager and Monitoring Application provides a powerful and comprehensive system for your events. Enabling you to easily access a multitude of features, including the ability to easily locate a particular delegate, quickly view agendas and access pre-loaded delegate contact information, as well as live room statistics. At the end of the meeting you can simply produce compliance certificates if required, as well as having access to a number of post-event attendance reports.

Email us today for more details, or call our friendly production team to find out more about how DelTrack can transform, and revolutionise your future events. As well as finally putting an end to sign-in sheets!

Features and Benefits Overview:

  • Eliminate time consuming sign-in sheets
  • Gain valuable time on-site for you to look after your delegates
  • iPad compatible registration software
  • Ease of use for even those who aren't tech-savvy
  • Simple swipe feature immediately checks in attendees
  • View post-event attendance reports
  • Live search for any attendees statistics and locations
  • Optional attendee photo identification facility
  • Numerous iPads can be used to cover multiple entry points.
  • Real-time location pin-pointing
  • Quickly view which delegates have not yet arrived.
  • Revolutionize your company with contemporary technology
  • Reduces your carbon footprint, by eliminating paper sign-in sheets and certificates

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