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How It Works

DelTrack uses intelligent RFID technology to determine and track a Delegate's location and overall meeting attendance. (RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification).

A unique RFID chip is attached to the Delegate's name badge which are allocated as usual to the delegates on their arrival.

Each entrance to the monitored meeting rooms are fitted with readers which pick up each entry and exit. Clever programming means just passing by the room will not be recorded, as the tag has to be picked up by both sets of readers before its recorded as an entry or exit, so eliminating the risk of false readings.

Whenever the Delegate moves through the specified doorways, the location data is processed, collected and immediately transferred to the Event Manager Application for instant live information on the number of delegates in each given room. A simple search facility also enables quick location of any delegate, and as soon as you start to type any part of the person you are looking for, results are show and narrowed down instantly with each new letter, giving extremely quick location results.

From the built-in Event Manager Application you can easily view, and monitor, multiple real-time room statistics remotely from any location, both on and off site.

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