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Delegate Tracking

Deltracks simple and effective system gives you live information on meeting rooms attendance and can instantly advise if an individual is in any of the monitored areas. As well as the automatic production of attendance certificates and compliance data, another huge benefit for event staff is the quick search facility which gives an instant location, so enabling them to ensure presenters or key individuals are in the correct locations at any given time. Using state of the art RFID technology each delegate is assigned a unique identifier which is encoded onto a discrete chip, and concealed within the delegate's name badge. At the event RFID antennas and readers are placed on surrounding doorways of rooms that wish to be monitored. As delegates move around within the venue DelTracks readings provide live information as to the whereabouts of any delegate.

This is particularly important for Compliance regulated meetings, for example Pharmaceutical Investigators Meetings, where a delegates attendance to specific presentations has to be recorded for the trial data. Deltrack brings this into the 21st century, with electronic 'signing sheets' and the production of certificates of attendance automatically produced and emailed directly to each qualifying delegate at the end of the meeting.

DelTrack's seamless delegate tracking service is also capable of much more than straightforward attendance tracking. The Event Manager Application enables you to remotely manage and view live room statistics, view and edit agendas, instantly generate pre-defined certificates, and any other form of post meeting data a client may require.

Performing a manual signing in process is both time consuming and labour intensive for both event staff and delegates, however on many meetings it's a requirement to be able to establish a Delegate has attended a particular presentation in order for them to qualify for an attendance certificate.

With RFID technology from DelTrack signing in sheets and collating the data afterwards becomes a thing of the past, as simply by walking through the door of the monitored meeting space determines the length of time spent in that room. The application can store the meetings agenda, which can easily be updated if times change, thereby enabling the organiser to know instantly if a delegate has complied to the pre-set requirements for allocation of the attendance certificate. These can then be emailed immediately to each delegate as soon as the manager accepts the attendance list, and the certificate can be produced and emailed by the application before they have even left the room!

Because a number of different rooms can be monitored at the same time, and the data is instantly available on the tablet, locating a particular delegate is easy by using the search facility. As soon as you start to type a name the filters will display all possible results, updating as each letter is typed, enabling anyone with one of the monitoring tablets to locate someone quickly and efficiently.

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