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The Features

Event Manager Application – User friendly tablet application

The Event Manager Application works alongside the RF-ID tag and readers to bring you live room statistics. This has been developed to provide a simple and user-friendly system that anyone can operate, without any need for previous technical, or reporting knowledge.

  • Viewing and adding of delegates
  • Live tracking of room statistics
  • View and generate pre-defined attendance certificates
  • Quick viewing and editing of agendas
  • Fully configure a multitude of settings to meet your event requirements
  • Provides a quick and efficient way of locating a particular person, thereby enabling a seamless and efficient event
The system can be used in a range of ways,
  • Recording attendance for Compliance meetings
  • See how much (or little!) time delegates spent in a particular room or monitored zone – particularly useful for information areas to get a unique insight into how many people visited particular stands, and how long they stayed there.
  • Post event reporting available for any type of analysis of the recorded data
  • Safe store facility of meeting data enabling clients to build up a database which can then give cross event reporting in the future, for a particular type of meeting, or interrogate data by delegate who may have attended numerous meetings

Event Manager App
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